SUP board delaminating

Hi to anyone who reads this. Ended up buying a used SUP board and didn’t notice there was a bubble on the bottom until I got home. My question, is this considered delamination and should I repair it? See gif


I’m not sure what kind of construction this is. It looks like plastic film glued over foam. There is a dimple in the foam from it slapping bottom and the plastic is loose. Technically I guess this could be called delamination, but delamination is usually referring to the layers of fiberglass in an epoxy or polyester based layup coming apart. I’m not sure how you would fix this. Personally i would take it back to the person who sold it to you .

Thanks for the reply Seadart! You are right the adhesive has let go of the plastic and has made a air pocket in the that spot. My concern was constant pressure from been on the water would eventually loosen more adhesive around it. Luckily the seller let me return it too him and refunded me my $950. Thanks for the reply and reaffirming what I was concerned about!

Glad you got your money back. That seems like a lot of money for a used board for that kind of construction. Around here decent fiberglass/carbon epoxy type lay-ups go used for about $500-$800 for beginner models. I’m in California and there are lots and lots of used boards available.

Sounds like a manufacturing defect. The original owner may be able to get it repaired or replaced, depending on the warranty. However, paddleboards, unlike high end kayaks which often come with a lifetime warranty, are generally only covered from one to five years.