SUP paddle a canoe???

Has anyone bought a SUP paddle to intermittently stand and paddle their canoe? As my back and knee problems worsen, I find I need to change postiions frequently. Adding standing to sitting and kneeling would be very helpful. This might allow me to spend more time on the water. (This would be calm water paddlin’)

Also, what canoe would you recommend as the ideal for this? (Don’t say buy a SUP, I’m sticking with canoes.)


Ideally, you’d want a 16-foot

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Island Falls "Wilderness Guide" and use a long "Maine Guide" paddle, just like folks have been using for over a century.

Otherwise, any similar size and shape hull will do.

What canoe do you have now?

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Unless its a solo canoe, I'm betting you can stand in the one you have.

People have been standing in canoes with paddles for generations...

I haven't tried it in a canoe yet, but I don't see any reason a SUP paddle wouldn't work. Reason I haven't tried it yet is that I haven't been convinced of the need, since I am a poler.

Have you looked in to poling?

edit: Ah it is...

it words fine
Sure, you can do that. Polers have been using the same approach for ages when they cross water that is too deep for poling. They use the pole like a kayak paddle, but with a very vertical stroke. A standup paddle would accomplish the same thing, but would be significantly more efficient.

There Are Several It Would Work With
Look for a “Flattish” shallow arch. I used to do it from my old aluminum 17’ Lowe, my Great Canadian and my Wenonah Adirondack. My friend, here, has a Buffalo and an old Mohawk paddle about 62-64". Paddlers discovered paddling standing up long before the invention of the SUP board.

I have made 3 long paddles. 78inches to 84 inches long. They work great.

I often carry a pole,a 58 inch paddle and one of my long paddles

This gives me a lot of choices.

I can’t stand in any of my solo canoes.
It’s probably not advised in my Solo Plus, either.

I think it would be nice to have a boat that I could either stand up and paddle or pole.

But, It’s a lot of fun
IF,(only if)the water’s warm, trying to stand up in a solo canoe.

My Wenonah Wilderness usually dumps me in a Heartbeat when I try!

Stand up canoeing
My Swift Osprey solo (30" beam) is pretty good for standing. My Millbrook Souhegan (32" beam) is better.

Most folks prefer a shallow arch or V in the 34-36" range. 15 to 17 feet long is good. We had a guy with us today SUPing and poling a Heritage tandem kayak.

I’d love to get a nice light SUP paddle WITHOUT the stupid bent shaft

Here you go Tommy…

I think it’s straight. Wickerbut has been stand up paddling his 17’ Explorer for years. I asked him about it yesterday, and he uses a 6’ Otter Tail paddle that he picked up for $30 at a close out sale.

Here is Rich poling his Heritage tandem kayak - he did pretty good

Solo canoe poling
I got to try my hand at poling a Mad River Guide solo a couple weeks ago. It’s do-able - but you gotta already be tuned-in to standing, I think. I’d like to spend some more time in such a boat. I’m starting to think a large solo might make a pretty good all-around boat for sitting, kneeling, and standing.

Increase range of vision
People been standing in canoes for a long, long time


yup, nothing new
Dick Wooten of TSRA was rather notorious for doing this. Years ago, he could frequently be seen paddling the Ocoee and other southeastern whitewater streams standing up, oftimes standing on the gunwales of his canoe.