SUP paddle that performs like solo canoe paddle

I have a background with solo canoeing but recently got a SUP. I noticed I don’t switch sides and paddle from one side. I don’t like the 10° angle of the SUP paddle blade because when paddling on one side I have to lift it out of the water for each stroke, instead of drawing it back with the blade in the water. It’s not a big deal, however I’d like it to feel more like a beaver tail or straight blade to do an Indian stroke. I’m underwhelmed by the options I can find online, so I thought I’d see if any other experienced paddlers have recommendations. Adjustable would be great too. Thanks!!!

I’m not sure you are going to be happy with any paddle you can find right now. A few years ago it was possible to purchase paddles with no offset angle. I don’t see any like that online in just a quick search. Your best bet will be to check into surf and whitewater SUP paddles. I have an older Laird Pro Carbon paddle for surfing that you can draw back through the water without much trouble, in fact that’s how I maintain balance on a tippy board in choppy water. Very small offset angle and the blade is a flat teardrop like an oldschool canoe paddle. I looked at the current Laird Pro and it looks like it now might have slightly more offset, maybe 7 degrees, also it’s sold out. I also have an older Werner fiberglass whitewater paddle. It has almost no offset angle, I’m not sure what the model is. The draw back of this blade is the blade is not flat but shaped to give more thrust on the forward stroke, and not ideal for drawing back feathered through the water.

Here is a link to the Laird Paddle

Thank you for the suggestions. I was definitely wondering how the surf style sup paddles may differ. What you say makes sense! I will look into it, thanks!

I think ZRE can make SUP paddles with 0* bend, however the blade is still not in the center of the shaft, its offset to the back side, but they can make 0* paddles I know. Check them out.

Wow those look nice! Thanks