SUP physics

I’m assuming the majority of the time, SUP boards act as displacement hulls. As such, it makes sense that the longer ones would be faster. With the shape of them, though, it seems that adding rocker would be difficult, and tracking would always be poor.

Is there much difference between a “fast” SUP board and a “whitewater” SUP board? If so, is it anything like the difference between a ww playboat and a cruising boat?

And another thing . . .
Seems that any advantage in speed claimed from using one’s whole body would be negated by the poor L/W ratio and short waterlines. How a 30" by 14’ board could compete with a canoe that is 18’ and narrower is beyond me.

it can’t
on flatwater.

whole body
Whatever gain you get by using your whole body, you lose because your standing up. It’s like trying to do a push up with your hands out past your head.

I don’t know the math , but a mutihull sup could be cool.

Ryan L.