SUP rentals, What do you pay?

Wondering what you all pay in your area to rent a SUP?

Do you think the market is increasing and the demand for rentals is good?

Would you be interested in overnight SUP trips if they were offered in your area, or if you were on holiday and had that option?



$20 per meetup
I started a meetup group that launches from our local county park and marina. The park gives us a flat $20 rate for SUP’s no matter how long we are out. Normally our meetups last about 3 hours. The normal rate is $20 for two hours.

only rentals for SUP’s have been in P.V. and Sayulita, Mexico where I pay about $20. for 2-3 hours. Here in N. California on Lake Tahoe, most people grab a Groupon deal from the various kayak/SUP companies for $40.-$60. for a two hour guided tour. Don’t know what a hourly rate runs. A sporting goods chain, Sports Chalet, has a $40. rental for kayak or SUP boards for 3 days…great deal!