SUP/SOT hybrids

Welcome to pnet SUPers! I’m kinda of an on-again, off-again poster, mostly on canoe stuff. But I got a question that’s been nawing on me for a while. I see those Liquid Logic SUP/SOT hybrid things at one of the local paddling shops. What’s the SUP community opinion of those craft? Have decent for basic SUPing or are they straight garbage?

Ocean Kayak makes some too

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They make an 11 and a 12.5 footer. Soon I think someone will be making a stand up canoe. Same workout, lots of versatility, but not so good at surfing.

I'm debating between an OK Nalu 12.5 or a canoe.

depends on goals

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They're probably ok, but one thing I don't like about the rotomolded boards is the weight. It seems to me that you're loosing one of the advantages of a board if it weighs as much as a plastic kayak.

But there are lots of ways to have fun. I've poled and "paddled" my canoe with a homemade pole while standing up, and just ordered a SUP paddle for use in the canoe.