SUP Surfing Partner for Ventura Area

I SUP Surf and Downwind in the Ventura Area. I’ve surfed in this area for over 30 years and know all the different spots and waves. Now I SUP surf and know that SUPs are not welcome at every spot. So, I’m going to start SUP surfing obscure waves that I know of that are usually empty. If anyone with experience and skill in good waves wants to join, let me know. I will also be SUP surfing and prone surfing big waves this winter at certain spots in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas if there are any takers out there who are interested in pushing the limits. Hit me up.

You may already know of this forum In recent years it’s turned into a foil /wing forum, but there are still straight on SUP surfers who frequent it. You can find some categories to post to find people in ventura to paddle with. Pre Covid there was a SUP surf contest every October at C-Street. It maybe back on this year. Good place to meet paddlers there. Looks like no info about an event this year … Redirecting...

I surfski a couple times a week out of the ventura harbor. If you see a guy in a blaze orange shirt and full brim hat on a blue or white surfski hollar at me

I tried signing up and I never got an email to confirm. Then I tried contacting them and their contact form doesn’t work.