So I tried a friends SUP this summer, and it was a blast. Got married in Sept and friends all chipped in and got one for us. Any one on here try it or into it?

My wife and I…
have them, and look forward to warmer weather to get them out. Still have to learn to surf with them, but we’ve had great time with them in the marshes and on the local lakes. Good workout and a great swim platform.

Don’t tell anyone else here because some people seem to think it isn’t paddling. I guess they’re jealous that I have such a long paddle. Of course I also enjoy paddling canoes and kayaks too.

Catching on in E NC a bit
and local outfitters carrying some beginner ones. Started into it using my old 12’ windsurfers and teaching neighbor and grandkids with one of the adjustable length paddles. Some are even fishing with them. Lots of fun, but PLEASE wear a life jacket and be carefull around piers and stuff as you can fall a lot harder off a SUP board than rolling out of a yak or noe. Think Spring. Rick

We actually got Married in Rodanthe, and got our board in Ocacroke. We both learned to surf this summer, and then tried the SUP and really enjoy it more. Let’s you do everything! We are planning (at least 10 more years) to semi-retire down in Holden Beach, we have a lot with access to the ICW and want to spend time kayaking the brackish water ways. We just love it down there.

I have always wanted to try it
but I am afraid I would like it, and don’t want another boat in the fleet.

Same with kite boarding

How hard is it to keep your balance in waves ?

I can visualize a lot of swimming in my case

Jack L

my lovely wife just ordered one
yesterday. She tried one 2 years ago at the ECCK festival and was smitten. It will augment her sea kayak as another means to paddle.

In waves …
it takes time. In 1 foot wind waves or small smooth beach break it was easy for me and a blast to “surf”. I only have may be 10 hours total on the SUP though. So I tried in messy 3-4 foot surf zone (breaking waves) and that was beyound me in most directions if standing-up. Kneeling down - not a problem and surfed to the beach quite well. It also depends a lot on the board - just like with kayaks. If I hadn’t broken my tow the previous week I’m sure I would have mastered these waves in a couple of days enough to enjoy and surf a little between falling-off.

The other problem I had with these larger waves was the foam piles - I was using an inflatable SUP and a PFD and as you can imagine I could not really go “under” like a real surfer can and they were a bit big to go over and the fat thick SUP can’t cut through like a kayak can. So going beyond the beach break was somewhat of a challenge too.

But tons of fun. There are nice inflatable models that paddle quite well. Mine is not “nice” but is OK for learning and at about $300 is worth every penny in fun during a trip. I also plan to use it on the local rivers here from time to time, but it looks the risk of falling over a rock and an injury is higher than in a kayak so I’ll stick to the deeper parts…

jealous that you have such a long paddle
If people wanted a longer paddle, I think they’d just go out and get a longer paddle. I’ve got a 230 that I’m stuck with, but prefer a 220 or 210. Saying “jealous that I have such a long paddle” is like saying “jealous that I have such a heavy boat”.

I had the same experience. In one to two foot high waves its a blast and was very very easy. I had a very hard time getting the board I learned on to turn. So when we bought ours we got a C4 10’6 witch has rocker, and was a foot shorter. Paddling around the sound was no problem at all. However it stormed the whole week we where there. Last day we where leaving ended up semi over cast, with some thick 4 foot waves. Got my butt kicked, had to be on me knees to paddle out, and fell a few times on the outside. Coming back in I only got in postion twice, first time went flying second time dropped to my knees (not on purpose) and went flying a couple seconds later. I can’t wait to get back in some softer stuff so I can learn it. Give you an Idea I have a kaos surf yak too, and I had no success with it either, it was just a rough day, but I was desperate to get wet.

Working on race boards over the winter
here. Considering possible production this spring.

If you guys are new in the surf PLEASE PLEASE learn surf edicate and follow it.

Another fun vid.

surf play
I’m not going near a line up. OBX is way to wide open for me to waste my time fighting for space with a bunch of other people. We go down we camp, we fish, we play. I hate it when we drive down the beach for 20 minutes to have someone else pull up right next to us on an empty beach. Far as I’m concerned it would be the same offense to pull up on someone elses waves. One time I paddled the SUP where guys where surfing we where there first. I made sure and shouted to my wife to stay out of the line up and paddle further down. I have a 10’ leash, I don’t want to be responsible for my board sending someone else for stitches.

Though racing sure seems like it would be fun.

Hi Bike, Unless you are in some bigger
stuff, you can go with a much shorter leash and save a few heads in the surf zone.

I read something somewhere where a teacher or something made his students learn without a leash. That way they always had to keep a hand on their board, or have to swim and get it. I know its not always possible but that seemed like a great concept to put into practice. Especially since I’m new to both surfing and SUP. I’ve been seperated from my yak before in bigger waves and it sucks and the boat just does whatever it wants, so again I always have a hand on it, or at least my goal is to always have a hand on it.

How does one carry
the beer cooler, the food cooler, the folding chair, the tent, the firewood the pack and the Weber grill?


and his canoe…

We brought some in last fall and are getting people trying them now in the pool during our indoor practice sessions in Thunder Bay.

Now just waiting for the ice to leave on Lake Superior… in the meantime, I’ll build some more SUP paddles to go with them.

Cheers…Joe O’

Try it when NO ONE is out
and you wil find its nearly impossible to hold onto.

So you can imagine the damage a board thrashing through the lineup unguided will do. Even worse on the inside where the kids are. I don’t think there are any surf instructors advocating no leashes.

The old days of no leashes are gone.

NOT picking on you, but this is the kind of stuff that everyone has to learn and understand before venturing into surf. Your thoughfulness and consideration will gain you respect out in the line up.

I used my GP
for supping with great success.

Folks new to SUP really need to concentrate on how they affect other people out in the water. If a real wave takes a 10 ft board there is no way you are going to hang onto it.

For your own safety if you fall in a nasty spot with wind and current, just tug on the leash and you are back in business -without a leash you may have a long and unpleasant swim.