Any suggestions for 1st time SUP purchase & paddle?

I have been looking @ BIC ACS 10’4/11’4 & Surftech Blacktip 10’6 or Softop 10’6. Are either of these brands reputable? Does length of paddle depend on height or are paddles adjustable? I am 5’7". Thanks for any/all suggestions & help.

There is a SUP forum on
and I’ll bet there are quite a few others. I haven’t seen much SUP action on pnet, though it’s bound to happen.

I rented a Bic ACS 10’4 last summer just to try out SUP. Paddled on a medium size lake and loved it. The board was great and very manuevable, even with a second person kneeling on the front!! I haven’t paddled any other boards though so i don’t have much to compare it to. It seems to be on the lower end of the price spectrum so that is a plus. I don’t know what the higher price boards have to offer. This board was kind of heavy. As i am sure everyone else will recommend, try before you buy!

Except for this…

is there any interest in a SUP forum here?


All in SUPport!?!?!
Brent count my vote in for a SUP category.

See you on the water,


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Yes to \Standup
Why not? It’s got a paddle, right? And it’s different enough from kayaks and canoes, which are lumped together…

What do you want to do with it?
Just like kayaks, SUP boards vary greatly in shape and size and material, depending on purpose. For white water you can get as low as abot 6 feet, for fast cruising you go to 17 or more…

Then, there is the stability and material to consider.

I do not see myself SUP-ing on a regular basis but I like to have one on family vacations. So I got a second hand inflatable for under $300 (Sevylor) and a 3-piece carbon/plastic paddle (Cannon), reusing my surfski leash (Dakine) and my paddling shoes and other gear (pfd, drywear, helmet). I’ve hd that SUP on several trips that involve air travel as well I take it to the local white water from time to time. We had up to 6 kids trying to mount it at the same time and they spent hours each day playing with it as a “pool toy” in the shallows. I used it to paddle out to the coral reefs, anchored it thesre and went snorcheling with a friend, who rode on the back on the way there and back (swimming takes 30 min due to currents, abot 5-10 with the SUP. Plus I explored for good reef areas with it, then went snorcheling later.

Inflatables are great, unlike inflatable kayaks, because for SUP you can use drop-stitch technology that makes the board very rigid. Packs in a bag, then pump 10 minutes, then enjoy. Can leave inflated as long as desired or and carry on the roof of a car for weeks just like a hard shell.

After about 10 years of sea kayaking and surf kayaking I started SUPing last summer and am absolutely hooked to the point where I think I am all done sitting down. But I don’t want to give up coming here- love this place.

Anyone want a Valley Nordkapp LV at a good price?

Yes, but …
SUP is a wide discipline. There is river surfing, WW paddling, lake/ocean surfing, slow river paddling, and flat water paddling. Granted that sounds like the range of things normally considered here but my guess is that the WW paddling and surfing in all its forms are going to be the central tendency. That makes it a minority activity here. If I was going to make an economic bet I would probably not make it a special board, at least at first. Make sure that people know that SUP postings are welcomed and see what happens.


Thanks for your advice/imput
I have seen the stand up section on

I agree that this is a new & up coming activity & I will bet alot of folks in the future will be interested in this sport. Thanks for the name of the SUP blog. I will certainly be checking that out.

I plan on using the SUP @ our camp (so it will be left there) on the St.Lawrence River. Plan on using it for fitness/fun & catching some rays. Will use on calm river days as well as @ the beach in the waves. I currently own (5) kayaks from WW;sit on top & sea kayaks. Wanted to venture out & try something new.

SUP variety?
i thought SUPing was a beach front activity like an inflatable toy dingy, that you putter about on back and forth for a few laps on calm and hot summer days. great for the cottage i reckon. too big for the pool though. and where do you put the beer?


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All those brands are reputable. You need to look at what type of paddling you want to do. All arounder boards such as those that you've listed will allow you to do a variety of paddling and grow should you decide to paddle on flat water, surf, rivers, etc.

The Blacktip is super soft and bouncy like an inflatable, a bit slow but light to carry. Not sure about the Bic, but a good brand. For your size, look at approx 11' boards for speed and stability. Shorter you'll go slow, longer will be more to carry, store, etc. Consider looking at widths of 29" to 33" wide. Tons of board types available - think about whether you want a softtop for a nearly ding proof exterior vs a more pretty shiny epoxy finish which dings easier, etc.

Much like kayaking, paddles come in adjustable, one piece to 2-3 pieces. what do you need or fits your lifestyle? adjustables are great if several different folks are using the paddle. 2-3pc is great for travel or expeditions as backup, etc. what's your budget? things to consider.

length - reach you arm above your head and flatten you hand. with the paddle blade on the ground, your handle should tuck snugly under your hand. go longer for racing, less for surfing.

try to demo any gear prior to purchase if you can.

per those questioning sup vs kayak, it's all good, whatever gets ya on the water. i do and love both.