SUPER Comfortable PFD/Fishing Vest????

I am looking for a really confortable PFD like a fishing vest.

This is the closest I can find, but I can not find it for sale online:

No need to get riled up because this is not the safest kind of PFD. I have everything from an Astral to a 55MPH ski vest.

I just want something SUPER comfortable for easy freshwater trips that might include fishing.

I really like the hand warmer pockets…

A few thoughts

And don’t forget …

Style No. 82770

I’m considering this PFD just cuz I like the many accessory pockets, good fit, and color. And I don’t even FISH …!

Ooh! A tactical vest!
That thing screams Coffee…except for the price. lol.

Coffee Might Like This Rig…

That is a Ranger vest, but it doesn’t float!