super stable and inexpensive kayak?

im looking for the most stable kayak avalible, one person, for hunting from. i will use ot for duck hunting, because my canoe is just 2 big for my car, since my truck died. i am also a poor college student, so please list prices with your suggestions. main qualities im looking for is super stability and a good price. thanks for any help.

Throw a camo net on this.

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I took my grandson paddling in one of these last weekend. Very roomy but can be paddled easily by one person.You can move the seats to paddle solo.

Or try to find a used 14' Pamlico. It seems like an ideal boat for your use.

I’d consider
one of the sit on tops. There’s not much that is more stable than a big double SOT.

How 'bout . . .
. . . a pirogue.

Why a kayak?
What’s wrong with a used john boat with oars? Row it like a drift boat guide.

That gets him into trailering, because
if he can’t handle his canoe on his car, he sure can’t manage a jonboat.

The true answer to your query

The answer, though, is really this: Any used kayak on eBay or Classifieds that is within a 100 miles of your home that you can test paddle for stability and fit and then pay half of retail.

That’s your kayak.

ANY plastic “rec kayak”…

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... will do the job. If you feel "safe" in your canoe, you'll feel stable enough in any of the most common plastic rec kayaks. If you want to shoot while in the boat, however, I'd reconsider your choices. Shooting from a kneeling position in a canoe works great, and doing so while sitting on the bench seat of a tiny Jonboat is fine, but shooting while sitting in a kayak is not. If that's your expectation, try sitting on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, and see what range of motion you have for aiming a shotgun. Compare that method to kneeling or sitting in a chair before deciding that a kayak is the way to go.

If the canoe was okay when you had a truck to carry it, maybe your money would be better-spent getting a "proper" boat rack for the roof of your car. Lots of people carry full-size canoes on compact cars, but they use a decent boat rack. By the way, years ago I carred either a 17-foot aluminum canoe or a 12-foot aluminum Jonboat on top of my 1980 Subaru wagon. Never had any problem carrying either boat.

Oh, one other thing. Most of the used plastic kayaks you find will be very brightly colored. It's hard to find paint that will stick to the kind of plastic these boats are made from. Maybe see about getting a dark-colored rec kayak from a place like Gander Mountain that caters to hunters.

Why not visit your local

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hunting n fishin' online web sites? They'd know better than most folks on here. Usually have a pretty nice gallery of pics, too, so you can get a good idea at different designs even all the way down to specific camo detailing. I've also learned a lot by stopping n talking to our local hunters when I'm out on the Refuge. Great excuse to visit w/some of the most awesome, cutest dogs ever. Geez, I'm a sucker for yellow labs!

It's waterfowl season everywhere! Don't limit your search to your particular area, either, google the sites from different areas and states. Happy quacker huntin'!

Not necessarily
They make plastic Jon boats 12’ long. I saw a used one on Craig’s list for under $400. It would be easy to car top it. Like a canoe, you can bring a friend along. Maybe you can persuade the friend to row. :slight_smile: