Superior/Sawyer Canoes

Anyone know what happened? I was telling a friend about a Sawyer canoe model and tried to pull it up online for specs and the website is gone?

What is up with Sawyer and Kruger?

– Last Updated: Oct-02-14 10:12 PM EST –

I tried the Sawyer Web site and nothing. The Kruger canoe site is up and the price for a sea wind has increased by approximately 2 grand to 7,490! I sent an e-mailed to Krugercanoe and no responce. These are great boats I just hope they are still being made.

I think it was environmental issues
with Scott’s processes and the the expense to comply with stricter regulations was too high.

There was a thread on this a couple months ago.

Too Bad, but
Steve was a small builder trying to make a go of selling 30-25 year old designs with technology from the same era. RIP.

Still building canoes
Scott with Superior is STILL building boats…something is currently wrong with his website.

Great expedition boats with a design that will stand the time for sure!!

That’s very good to hear.
Thanks for that info.