Superior Take-Apart Carbon GP

Anyone have one? I’m wondering if the seam or ferrule lock hole are noticeable and/or annoying.

Also seeking general feedback on this paddle. Scouring the archives in the meantime.


Superior take apart carbon paddle

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Mine just arrived last week (after waiting 6 months for delivery). I haven't used it yet because I bought it for traveling and it is identical to the one piece Superior paddle I already own, which I think is a great paddle. The workmanship is beautiful. The seam almost disappears and the button lock is recessed so that it is barely noticeable. Go for it if you have $550 that is burning a hole in your pocket ($100 price increase since I ordered mine).

Yeah, I noticed a significant increase in the one-piece from some of the archived posts.

Not sure I have all that dough burning a hole in my pocket, but man it’s a sweet-looking paddle.

Thanks for the feedback. I’d be interested in your experiences after using it -

Greg Stamer
is on a circumnavigation of Newfoundland right now. The paddle he uses is the Superior 2 piece GP. I am sure that he could be using any paddle made, but he chose the Superior. He also used the same paddle on his trip around Iceland last year. Wish I had the money for one!

Thanks dreamweve, I noticed that on his blog and figured he might not be logging in here any time soon :wink:

I wasn’t aware of anyone else doing a two-piece carbon GP though; didn’t figure he had much choice.

Thought I would revive this thread now that Greg is back in the hope that he’ll chime in…