Supernova and Rendezvous

I think I am becoming obsessive about hunting for the “best” all-around solo tripping canoe. I have asked for information about both the NovaCraft SuperNova and the Royalex Wenonah Rendezvous before and what I hear is that they are both decent whitewater/moving water boats (after modifying the Rendezvous. Many of my trips seem to have a lot more flatwater/big lake water than whitewater. I would like to know about their cruising speed on flatwater. More importantly, I am concerned with their ability to handle wind and large waves from headwinds or tailwinds on big lakes. Can anyone give me more information on the flatwater-big lake capabilities of these two boats?


Try a Bell Merlin II, nice glide in flat water and still has as much rocker as the canoes you are looking at.

OK, I own a supernova
I haven’t done any tripping on flat water but I have paddled her on flat water. She isn’t bad to control. I have crossed small lakes in cross winds with no problem. You just have to do your part. The only way to really know–paddle one for yourself. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I would not expect the Rendezvous to be
a “decent” whitewater boat, based on my limited experience with the Royalex version. It does not turn well enough to be a “decent” whitewater boat. But the composite version should make a “decent” lake boat which also is tolerable on rivers, and which can be run straight down some whitewater rapids. Just don’t plan on complex maneuvers. Plan simple, straightforward routes down rapids (where they exist) and you should be OK.

Tripping in a Supernova
I own a supernova as does a paddle partner of mine… this fall we paddled to Shoshone lake in Yellowstone park… a flatwater paddle for all but the Lewis Channel. On our day to the Shoshone Geyser Basin… the wind and waves were both quite high. Like any canoe, paddling into a strong head wind is never a “lazy paddle” and it was more than a bit strenuous… On the return trip with two to three foot swells, the round bottom white water hull handles far better than a flat bottom cruiser would have dreamed of… virtually surfing have the way and no serious issues.

The supernova has a nice volume and extended freeboard for a dryier ride… but that translates into more sail area as well…

There is no “Best Boat” for all apllications, but I feel the supernova is a good comprimise for many… I wouldn;t hesitate to trip out of her again, and I’m considering transferring the lines for a cedar strip version specifically for lake paddling.