Supplies to alter/sew Goretex fabric?

As a vertically challenged person, I would like to shorten a pair of NRS Black Rock paddling pants made with Goretex-type fabric. The reinforced knees fall below my knees, so I need to take 1.5-2" out of each leg, between the crotch and the reinforced knees. Cutting and stitching seems pretty straightforward, but where can I secure the waterproofing tape applied to the inside of the seams? Anyone have experience applying this tape, or performing this kind of mod?

Custom shop
Heres a link to a shop that customizes outdoor gear. Applying the sealing tape requires a apecial hot air device I believe.

Good luck!


sources for tape
Here are a couple of places that list iron-on tape for home use: SEALER

Both sites give brief information about using the iron-on seamsealing tape and would probably give you more info if you contact them. Some people use liquid seam sealer (like you would use on a tent) for home sewing with waterproof-breathables.

My wife, who sews…
…most of my paddling gear, uses quest.