sure to be lambasted but....

how do i access my profile in order to edit it on this dang thing?

the “my profile” in the upper right hand corner of the screen…click

Best Wishes


Upper Right Hand Corner
it shows up as a human figure and “my profile” in white, click on it, you may have to enter your password to make changes, there is a section for editing your profile.

From Intermediate to Advanced…
Adding note of your 5*?

As you should. Being no one wears their badge, I think it is good that such acheivement is noted in appropriate places.

Rick, even the BCU no longer considers you an intermediate paddler. you ARE now officially an ADVANCED paddler :wink:

enter the drawing twice
it will automatically bring you to your profile…

"Please select your gender"
Interesting that that question is the only one posed that way. You can’t select your location or favorite paddling destination – you can only say what they are. ;-)))



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there are a bunch of folks i'd consider advanced that think of themselves as intermediates...and that's plenty good enough company for the likes of me!

i am going to take the "aspirant" part out though...that took a long time to put astern.

thanks for the heads up on the profile button...if it had teeth, it woulda bit me.

just delete it …
While the profile is a good concept you oughtta know that if you post anything that is disagreeable with anyone there’s a really good chance they’ll read your profile and find something to ridicule you for.

Rate yourself as “experienced”, for instance, and they’ll call you an liar. Rate yourself as a “beginner” and they’ll call you an idiot.

It’s sad what people resort to when they can’t defend what they believe with words and resort to bullying.

I erased mine years ago.

All a profile is really good for is bragging about yourself, anyway.

Check the experience level in mine

Great lookin boat G!

Thanks - more pics…
… if you haven’t seen them already:

boat looks great
But I think you need to spend more time on your lawn.

Not my lawn - I rent!
Besides, I mowed and tended enough acres of grass before I was 20 to last a lifetime.

Lawn care is for people who either get paid to do it (like I used to) or can’t appreciate a decent hobby like paddling. Obsessing about lawns is about as freakish as those beauty pageants for six year old girls. Both driven by adults with issues.

Gawd ain’t that the truth!
In the PNW you can do a whole lot with ferns, bark and cedar trees. Great looking boat…until you screwed the pooch by ripping the gorgious skin and going with the Jetsons theme! ; ) Say it ain’t so, Joe.


“Jetsons theme”?
Whatchu talkin’ 'bout Willis?

You looking at the plastic wrap test gallery (that was first)? The light colored skin (first real skin)? The brown (second skin after cohopping to me more LV)? It will keep the current skin for a while…

Yup. If I can…
…fine the driveway and see the dogs in the

back yard, it doesn’t need cutting.

If that’s your opinion…
Then you’re a liar and an Idiot!

Just kidding, Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile:


Rate yourself as “experienced”, for instance, >and they’ll call you an liar. Rate yourself as >a “beginner” and they’ll call you an idiot.

It’s sad what people resort to when they can’t >defend what they believe with words and resort >to bullying.

I thought it was a Saran Wrap test…
Just wanted to make sure you didn’t fall in love with the racing stripes. The brown skin has a look of a leather jacket out of the Territory Ahead catalog. Really nice looking.

Willis Dogmaticus