Surf Forecast Sites?

Anybody having problems with For some reason, this past 6 month, the site does not give anything but “flat” for my break spots. I am back to MagicSeaweed, which I had previously left in favor of Swellinfo’s more accurate forecasts.

Surfline does not want to give much of anything unless one signs up for a (paid) premium membership.

Any other (free or cheap) sites that I am not aware of?


Searching while waiting for the next swell…:eyes:

I’ve liked Here is the link for MA:

I’m not a ‘surfer’, though will occasionally head over to the coast when waves are up to make sure I’m still able to ‘get out’ when I need to.
Recently I’ve been using ‘’.
For my ‘sparse’ use, it’s been worthwhile. Though no ‘verbal’ description of waves.
How do ‘surfers’ rate this for use, reliability (maybe as a ‘supplement’ or forecast)

Magic Seaweed

I usually use the NWS or NOAA local coastal forecasts and CDIP Recent Observed Buoy Data. Magic Seaweed works pretty well, but does not take the channel islands’ blocking shadow into account very well. I use it and SOLSPOT which gives you a quicker picture, but I checked and it does not have much for MA. I also use swellwatch but I checked that too and it’s lousy for MA.

Thanks for the suggestions. Have to admit, with red/green colorblindness, I have a hard time with the graphical NWS chart type forecast loops.

I like Raisin’s set up. Easy to see numeric (and swell direction) forecasts over 4-5 days. That is sufficient for me to plan changes, if possible, in work stuff to get out for a session. Of course, it sucks when I do the schedule scrambling and the forecasts turn out to be wrong… :frowning:

Weather forecast is for a possible snow generating nor’easter towards the end of this week for New England. Winter-like swells to go with the snow, please… :slight_smile:


I like for surf and also just for swell for generate paddling conditions in open water.

And for tidal currents I like

Another one:

So, NWS is forecasting coastal storm for beginning of next week. Magicseaweed is projecting 8-13’ for my homebreak. is projecting 15’. That’s significant difference between the two sites.

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Seattle during this swell event. Will have to check and verify accurateness with Boston Buoy data, if I remember… :thinking:


sounds like business trip, but if you have the time and access to a board (sitting or standing) and gear, this time of year there’s always some swell coming in on the coast (Westport), or, if too big, Crescent Beach (in Strait of Juan de Fuca)

Yeah, wish I will have time to get out to ride Westport surf, or to even paddle Puget Sound (tanker wake riding!). Only riding I’ll get will be on my travel Razor Scooter to get around the somewhat hilly streets of downtown Seattle.


So Boston Buoy is registering 11.2’ @ 10 seconds. Looks like on this particular forecast, Magic Seaweed was pretty on with its forecast from 4 days out.