surf kayak for the larger paddler

If you asked me what would be a good sea kayak for the larger paddler, I couldn’t rattle off a half dozen boats. I’m 230# and don’t know the first thing about surf kayaks. Can anyone recommend a name or two for the heavier kayaker among surf kayaks? Many thanks in advance.

At 230 …
Mega Megatron maybe a Scarab …

where does the Jester fit in
to the line-up? That’s what got me thinking. That’s what’s locally for sale.


I’m 225 and like my Kaos
It is made by Dagger instead of Wilderness Systems now but it is the same boat.

I’m not any good at it but it is not the boat. I only get to surf a few times a year.

I use it without the fins and usually waves are less than 3 feet high or just over head high as I sit in the kayak.

You do want the back band. You do need thigh straps and I’m rigging a quick release lap belt on mine. You don’t need the scupper plug because your deck will be flooded half of the time. Surfing is wet!

Jester too small
At your size the Jester is too small. My 6’4", 190 lb husband passed his Jester to me. He tried the Megatron when it was first available and he was too light for it. He moved on to a Wave Ski as it allowed high performance in surf and his big feet.

POS for surfing.

Use the fins … watch the improvement
the fins are there for a reason

I also own a Kaos and it’s suitable for your size and a lot of fun. I surf 1-2 times a week(more in summer). Definitely recommend using fins, and thigh braces are a must.