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Looking for a surf kayak I saw in action last summer on Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

It was a sit on top style with knee straps
The bow had a sharp, narrow entry like a touring kayak and was not turned up like a whitewater kayak; this allowed the boat to be paddled into the waves and cut through them when paddling out of the surf
The stern of the boat was wide, flat and slightly turned up, like the tail end of a surfboard; and that is how the kayak acted going down the waves.
The stern was also "open" from the seat back so that a wave that broke into the boat would roll right out the back

Edited to add that the overall length was about 10 feet

I havent been able to identify who the manufacturer is, or the model name, so any help is appreciated

This site has pretty long list of SOT with pics and descriptions:

Some Popular Models
I do not recognise the boat from your desription, but some other popluar models are:

The Rapidoo, Frenzy ,or Scrambler, by Ocean Kayak

The Preception 5-0

The Wilderness Systems Kaos. The most popular surf SOT on the west coast. My guess is it is the boat you saw.

The Cobra Strike. My favorite surf SOT, but I do not think it is what you saw.