Surf Kayak Outfitting--foot brace???


I just recently picked up a used Mega surf kayak. It did not come with any kind of bulkhead or foot bracing.

What do you recommend?

I would imagine that this boat comes from the factory with some sort of fitted foam bulkhead. I could start inserting bits of foam, but I have a lot of space to fill–short legs.



Sounds like fun
What did you get? Mega usually includes 3 pairs of foam foot blocks to jam in. Not the most precise outfitting option but it works. People also recommend putting a layer of thin foam sheet top and bottom to prevent wear and tear on your feet, especially if you like to go barefoot at all. Yoga blocks can make good outfitting and are easy to find and cheap.

Good surf kayak forum:

Check with Nigel at Savannah
Canoe and Kayak as they sell plenty of these boats.

Ditto SCK…
…they can probably get you a boat specific set.

Do It Yourself Foam Blocks
are the way to go. You need to get a couple of good sized blocks of mini foam to experiment with depending on if you have a foam center pillar and then carve the blocks so when you jam them in place they don’t move. The angle can be adjusted to fit your feet comfortably and you can put a layer of smooth foam on the floor and under the deck to protect your bare toes. Tools required are a steak knife, and a small sureform type rasp or dragon’s skin and some course 60 grit sand paper.

There used to be examples on the web but surf kayaks seem to be getting scarce, my pictures were in webshots so can’t link to them anymore.