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Can anyone identify the make of this surf kayak?

PS Composites — Mako line

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It's a Paul Schreiner version of a Mike Johnson design. He calls his company PS compsites. I forgot to look if it is a Micro or Mini Mako. This company makes excellent boats but they are fairly expensive (>$2200). Your other choices in glass boat manufacturers are fairly limited. Mega kayaks from the UK, Murkywater kayaks from Canada (some cool new boats and less expensive new) and Dick Wold from California (his boats are a bit more reasonably priced.) It's much more affordable to buy a used surf kayak that might cost you $400-800 dollars. Some of the used PS boats are advertised for $1000.

If you are interested in PS composite boats the Mini Mako is a classic but the Aquarius seems to be a better performing boat.
Here are some pics of some of the best west coast surfers in one...

JKL who posts here from time to time is involved with the content on the San Onofre Paddle Surf Association site, he can tell you more about the boat in the picture and I think he has an Aquarius too.

Probably A Micro Mako
given it’s about 1’ longer than the Wavesport (?EZ) in the pic and a tad bit more narrow.

Micro Mako is something like 8’2"x24". Small to medium paddler. Mini is 8’8"x25.5" and targetted more towards medium to slightly larger paddler.


Thank you, guys
Is there a US dealer for Mega? I think I want to get a UFO Venom.

How Big Are You?

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If you are over 175 lbs, I think you have to be pretty experienced to surf it because it will be relatively less volume and forgiving for that size and over.

The UFO Venom is no longer in production. It's an older style high performance boat at 8'8"x23.5". Faster than today's sub 8' hp boats but not as long and as fast as the International class (>9') boats.

I am selling my carbon composite Venom for $700. (I am more into waveskis and HP boats at this point.) I think it's the only Venom up in the northeast. You're welcome to demo it some time.


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I am 160 lb (without my pocket knife), 5'6".
How does it do on flat water?
Is there a fin at the bottom?
Need any gelcoat repair?

Flatwater ???

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The boat is designed to catch waves, come up to plane and surf down the line perpedicular to the wave at high speed, using the rails and fins to dig in and maneuver on the green wave face. High performance surf kayaks will be slow to paddle on flat water and will feel kind of tippy with squirrely secondary stability. Most people jack the seat up way high to make it easier to do power turns making it so heavier paddlers have to constant brace to stay upright, and the rockered bow will feel like you are pushing water a lot at slow speed. Ok to paddle a mile or two to a decent break but you probably are not going to want to paddle any real distance in it .

You’re Well Within The Size Range…
but like seadart, I am confused by your question…

As far as surf kayaks go, the Venom has decent speed paddling out since it length is really like a bridge between the new HP boats and the IC boats. How tippy is it? Well, it depends on your level skills really. When I first got it, I thought it’s tippy. Now, I think it is stable as a platform even with the seat jacked up an extra inch. But that’s because I surf quite a bit these days with a high performance waveski which is way tippier than any surf kayak. My Wold Epic at 7’4"x25.5" has a lot stability but is a heck of a workout to paddle out on a big day because it’s slow.