Surf kayaking in West LA?

Hey there,

Am going to be attending a wedding next week in Santa Monica. Do you guys know where I can rent some surf kayaks (or ww boats) from and where is a good surfing spot. Thanks.


A couple of places to try
Try Xstreamline and also try Southwind in Irvine. There may be some SOT’s that you can rent locally in Santa Monica, but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

Summer in LA — Not kayak Friendly
The Santa Monica area is not a great spot for kayak surfing, if you have a early morning you can head south toward Huntington Beach area or better San Onofre State Park— a good hour drive almost.

North you can try near Topanga … but beaches in summer are very crowded and the waves are small for the most part at the urban LA beaches.


That’s what I was thinking. Last I recall, Malibu had good surf. But renting kayaks is the problem. Where (close by)? Or is there a place we can drive to that has the rental shop right in front. Would prefer not to rent SOT, but I will take what I can get. Any more suggestions? Thanks.


leaving today…
And still cant find a decent place. Open to an hours drive from LA too …so any recommendations on a Sit in (and SOT for family members) surf rental shop

and a place to surf? Thanks.


Not in La but …
I know you can rent kayaks up in Ventura near the pier… just google kayak rental ventura

Also if you go south you can rent them from South Wind Kayaks in Irvine and then come down to San Onofre. You can also rent them at Carlsbad Paddlesports in Ocean side and go surfing close by in Oceanside or Carlsbad. Warm water jetty by the power plant is a good place to start.

Here is an excellent list -good luck

If you were going to be down in Carlsbad this evening I could take you out… I’m blowing off work early tonight.

Thanks …
Wish I could …but wont be in till 10pm tonight.

Have fun out there.