Surf Kayaks

I found a new surf Kayak called a Reflex from Mega surf Kayaks. Has anyone paddled a REFLEX before? It’s listed at $1200 which seems like a good deal for a composite surf boat.

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Lot’s of surfers from the UK there who might own one. If I remember right this boat is more friendly for folks that are used to paddling whitewater boats. A guy named Geoff has one and he paddles in Norcal and sometimes at San Onofre, it was a decent boat for heavier paddlers in my opinion. I think Geoff has switched off to a Scarab. You might want a longer boat for great lakes surfing, see if you can get Keith Wikle’s opinion from off of this board about what kinds of boats work best. You can do better on the price for a used surf boat, but if it is new and in good shape probably not too pricey.

Good Price But…
it’s a “pocket rocket” and more suitable for clean swells with zippering pockets. The Reflex is one of the newer, high performance, short kayaks. It’s shorter than 90% of the Mega lineup of boats. It does incorporate the stern “hump”, giving more volume and minimizing “arse over head” flips on the paddle out that often get some new to the the HP boats with the lower volume sterns.

You can find more information on specific boats and comparison of dimensions of the Mega boats at their site:

Someone from the south had a Cyclone (longer IC boat) advertised on BT gearswap for under $500. It’s probably dinged and repaired but if nothing significantly wrong, that boat is a good deal and much more suitable for the more wind wave conditions of the Great Lakes.