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What body weight range would a plastic Mega Neutron be good for? I weigh in at a hefty 230. Too heavy? Many thanks in advance.


Their website says 210 lbs max
And if it’s the one I think it is, the lady selling it isn’t anywhere near that weight range. I am 30 lbs less than you and I decided not to inquire.

I see where you live. I’m in Monterey. Yes, it’s probably the same kayak! :wink:

Get a Frenzy
I have two Ocean Kayak Frenzies, and they are amazing for recreational kayaking or riding waves in the ocean. And, it can easily handle your weight…I believe up to 375!

Surf kayaks are a blast…
At 230 you’re in the big dog Megatron range, tons of fun…

Check out the Scarab or

SOT surf kayaks
I’ve paddled some of the SOT surf kayaks, and I am similar in weight to you. The Dagger Kaos could handle he weight, but I got the feeling I was really borderline (a bit too twitchy). Cobra Strike felt better for me.

I heard YOU had a good time surfing!

A good time surfing, just to get to the beach! :wink:

don’t wwant to steak the thread, but…
Here’s a few pics of the latest trip:

thanks for the help

love the one of Bixby Bridge
and Roger by the rock about to get crushed

Patrick shared those with me