surf kayk, what paddle?

I have just purchased an OK Frenzy to use mainly in the surf. I am 5’10” and need advice on what paddle to use, specifically in length. The Frenzy is 31” wide, and I believe I am more of a high angle paddler, especially with this application.


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Generally speaking, paddles for surfing should be shorter than conventional touring paddles. What you want is a paddle that facilitates a high revolution power stroke needed for quick acceleration. A shorter paddle also means less chance of the paddle getting in the way once you've caught the wave. At 31" wide, I would suggest something around 185cm.

For the Frenzy
I use a 193 paddle and it works, I have a shorter paddle and it’s awkward paddling because of the high wide sides. Onno paddles are definitely the way to go. If you are short on cash look for a used whitewater paddle. It’s usually pretty easy to pick up a 193- 197 Aquabound whitewater paddle used or cheap on sale (REI etc.) to get started.