surf kayking in SOT

okay, so i am not really interested in surf kayaking, but in conquering my fear of the surf zone:) i was thinking if i picked up a used, short SOT, suitable for catching a few small waves, in relatively benign conditions, that that might be the ticket for me (my fear developed when i parted ways with my scupper:)

i don’t want to make a big financial investment or time, in terms of just getting used to handling a new boat. i love my avocet, and also need to get good on my surfski, and in using my wing paddles. i basically just want something to throw in, or on the car to play in the waves on.

i had thought about looking for the smaller ok venus, and then someone said they might be able to get me a used percepyion torent. the torrent is a tad heavier, but it seems like another good choice for what i am looking for.

any feedback or advice from the more experienced?

thanks in advance:)


Scrambler? Frenzy?
If your not really surfing, but just playing in the surf, the good old Scrambler and Frenzy are made for that.

i do want to learn to ride the wave in
side surfing/bracing with my paddle, so maybe a frenzy, but i know i don’t want a scambler. way too big and heavy!!!

Both Scrambler and Frenzy Weigh 45#
The Scrambler looks bigger, but its two inches narrower than the Frenzy, so the weight comes out the same. You can see it whe they are side by side in the garage

Nix the Torrent
It would be OK but you could do better. I have a feeling once you start becoming one with the wave that you are going to wish you had something a little more lively. See if you can find a used Strike or Kaos. The Scrambler or Frenzy idea is not bad, but you do want something that will let you edge and balance and maneuver easier. Since you are athletic and limber I think you would find the scrambler or frenzy boring pretty quickly. I think you can probably rent all four of them in Santa Cruz and give them a try. If you are ever down this way let me know. and you can try one of my SOTs or surf sinks.

Side surfing a SOT is much harder
than doing it in your Avocet. If you edge too much with a SOT, it’s like a ladle and catches water so you capsize into the wave. Not enough edge and you capsize towards the beach.

A closed deck boat that is edged too much does not capsize, you just get wetter.

Instead of buying a boat, invest the same amount of money with someone who is good with teaching these skills and also is able to handle your fears.

If you get down to SD at all, Jenn is great for this. Several women in our club who refused to even do a wet exit now practice rescues, surfing, and even rolling.

If you can’t get to SD, I’m sure there must be somebody up your way who is capable of doing the same thing for you.

i’ve taken several classes
got good at timing coming in most of the time, and do fine with my wet exit, but don’t feel comfortable edging/bracing and we have very good teachers here. i think i’m timid now because i don’t want to be in a sink because of neck issue/injury (discovered i have a failed bone graft and some nerve compression symptoms, but have been cleared to paddle unless i develop weakness) i used to feel okay in an SOT and i think i would be less intimidated with my issues, and feel more like i was playing if i had an SOT for this.

maybe if i just played in the surf on a borrowed SOT for an afternoon it would help the same way??? anybody wanna help me out here?

Surf SOT
Hi Pam,

I would highly recommend the WS Kaos w/fins. This is designed for

surfing and is the boat I use in my intro to surfing classes. Another choice might be the Cobra Strike. A little less forgiving but with sharp rails for diagonal runs. Either way have fun.


I’ve owned a few diff OKs
The Frenzy, which is an all-purpose SOT, and the Yak Board, which is designed to be geared more towards surfing.

I found the Frenzy to be just as good, really probably better than the Yak Board for surfing. Add to that the fact that the Yak Board is so sluggish for flatwater paddling that it makes the Frenzy feel like a rocket, and it is a no brainer between the two. The price difference between the two isn’t big enough to be a factor.

You can do that in a Frenzy

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You can also pick up thigh straps for it to give you more control.

You're never going to really edge with a SOT, but you can get kinda close in a Frenzy. A Yak board is too wide and flat.

You Can Rent From Kayak Connect

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You can rent a Kaos or Strike from Kayak Connection and maybe even take a class while you are at it.

Indiviual classes are expensive, and the group lesson are more designed for guys who really want to get into surfing

I would offer the Venus, but it lives in Martinez now. Maybe I could borrow it back sometime, but boat storage at my place is getting really constrained

laura has a friend that will
loan me a venus to try. thanks cuda.

surf kayaking in sot
Hi Pam, if you want fun in the surf get yourself a cobra strike, it wont take you long to get the hang of it. For diagonal runs along waves theyre unbeatable. Once you do that first one you will be hooked and a small wave will suffice, to hook you in. Once youre on the wave, turning is easy , ok a few spills here and there, but that will help you know how far is too far or how liitle you need to turn. Going out through the surf is fun, and by leaning back to go over then sitting up forward quickly will help you go over, plus very good for the ab’s ! Flat water paddling is easy on the strike and you’d be surprised how fast you can go, and lite and small to fit in a wagon or van. Hope you have fun what ever you settle on Cheers Pedro