Surf ski cold weather clothes

What do you wear during colder weather/water temps.

I’ve got a dry suit and Farmer John wetsuit, and a variety of footware, Chota’s to Teva’s. Any suggestions.


Down to 57
I usually paddle in the winter in water temperatures down to 57°, air temperatures down to 60°.

I wear a pair of NRS Rodeo wet suit pants, a wicking compression shirt, and a heavy rashguard type top(Kokotat or NRS Wavelite), or one of the microfleece tops (NRS Wavelite XL), and a wind breaker, or splash jacket. In these conditions, I include a dry fleece top and pants in a dry bag, in case I fall in, and get cold. I’m usually on a tidal river where there are docks within a few hundred yards, in case I need to get something dry and warm on.

(I always have a pfd on in cold temperatures.)

I also keep a wind jacket and pair of nylon wind pants at the take out. I often get cold while taking out, even if I’mn warm while paddling.

down to 39
Water gets to 39F here around early February. I wear 2mm wetsocks with another neoprene watershoe over them (I fill them with hot water right before going out and my feet stay nice for about 1.5 hours). Tuck one under and one over my NRS Hydroskin pants. Up top I wear 2 or 3 layers of poly shirts and/or underarmor type shirt. Typically it’ll be one tight UnderArmor-type longsleeve shirt with 1 or 2 longsleeve mid weight poly sports shirts. finish up with pogies and a warm cap.

I typically don’t bother going out if air temp is under 32F or if wind is blowing hard… just too dangerous. If there’s a steady, slight wind, I will sometimes put a waterproof windbreaker on. Once or twice a year, I put on dry pants over my get-up.

All you need is

…a Wha Ho Pilgrims t-shirt and a can of Beanee Weenees to keep you warm.

G_K (who else)

Got them both!
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The hydroskin looks good. I’ve got an NRS WaveLite Union Suit that I wear under my dry suit with other layers as needed. This is my first cold season with the ski and I’d like to extend ski paddling for another month or so. After that back to the SINK.

Hydroskin would be warmer, and the two layers of footwear sounds good. How do you size the foot wear?

Inner boot your standard size, how much bigger for the outer boot?


I got my neoprene watersocks from NRS in whatever size I thought would fit my feet, and they aren’t so thick that they don’t fit inside my water shoes (neoprene with rubber grip sole)… If I recall, both were sized to my shoe size, didn’t get one bigger or smaller to compensate. Maybe I just got lucky. I must also tell you that in the colder temps, below 45F water, I wouldn’t want to fall out of my boat in this get-up, or rather fall out and stay out of my boat for long. I tend to paddle conservatively in this condition, staying somewhat near shore, never paddle where the wind is blowing out into the open water (offshore wind), etc.

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