Surf Ski Fit?

I would like to get a surf ski but can’t seem to be able to get any information on what size I need or what kind.

Any input out there?

I went to futura surfskis web site
and had a great talk with Vince via e-mail and phone.

Have to wait a couple of months though. Need to buy some time off for paddling and travel.

You could post your experience, desires, weight, and general size of your keister on this board or on a surfski specific board and get some help as well.

If you’re buying new, pick the ski first. They’ll figure it out when you order.

Used - harder. Ask what height range it fits - try it out. Call email builder and ask.

I don’t really understand size numbering - or know if any use the same numbers. Think my UX is a “2” L.

Another option - adjustable foot wells. The Mako XT has them, and they’re available on the Futuras and Hukis (same ssystem) - probably some others. Good idea for a first ski. Adds a little weight, but not enough to matter starting out. Helps you get right fit and makes it easier to resell.

usually what you do is sit on the floor with your back against a wall and measure from your butt to your feet. then you give this to the surfski dealer/maker who tells you what size you want. the problem there is that they’ll give you slightly different answers, and there is no standard sizing, as far as i can tell.

i bought my current ski, a mark 1 from oceanpaddlesports, and deanne hemmens got me a perfectly sized ski. so i recommend dealing with her (plus she’s just generally very cool). obviously, the best thing to do is to go the shop and park yourself if a few different skis, to see which fits best. my mark 1 is a little smaller than i had thought i wanted, and actually is perfect- i get great control from this boat, much better than a previous slightly larger boat.

finally, the adjustable foot well option is a great idea, but not all boats have it. the futura 2 is a nice entry level ski and has those. the mako xt is also an entry level ski, supposedly a bit faster than the futura 2, and has them. lastly, the huki s1x and s1a, which are expert level boats, can both be built with them. definitely easier to sell.


The best!!
If you want to deal with the best in the business,speak directly with Deanne and Patrick Hemmens.You can reach them at picked out a Make XT for me.I had a Futura last summer wich ended up cracking so bad at the seams that it leaked a lot plus the finish was a shotty job.You won’t be disappointed! Good Luck,Andrew

since you’re in Florida
You should really get in touch with Bruce at Venturesport. He’s in Boca Raton. He gets his boats from the same place as but is much closer to you. Very friendly and is willing to take the time with you to answer any questions (as are both of the Hemmens at oceanpaddlesports).

Both shops have containers full of boats coming in any day now from South Africa, so they may have extras…I’m pretty sure Bruce has extra Mako XTs.

I second VentureSport
Didn’t notice the poster was in the Keys!

Much easier to deal locally. Bruce is a nice guy and been doing the ski thing for many years now.

Worth a trip to Boca - and he has storage in Lauderdale for the incoming shipments - so you might arrange to meet him there.

Ask him to borrow his race video from South Africa!

Iceman’s Mako should be in this shipment!