surf ski for flat water fitness

Thinking about a beginner friendly light weight surf ski over a fitness kayak for use on small sheltered lakes. Paddling a surf ski instead of a kayak might be more of a fun way to get my workouts in. I place more importance on stability than speed in the world or surf skis, and I would never be in surf or even large waves. Any ideas?

Epic V8

2nd the V8
I got one for my wife this year and so when my boys are taking turns in there boat I can have one in my lap. It’s super stable yet fast enough to move when you want it to. I’ve had a V10 sport and it’s quite a jump from V8 to V10S. The design is really nice. Great cut outs for the catch, nice seat. Only bummer is the open drain. I wish it had a bailer like my V12. For now a wine cork helps in cold water. Good luck in your search. Chaz

Traded my V10 for a V8. Didn’t regret it.

V8 is awesome
For me, it’s a good balance between stability and speed. I just wish that they could put an overstern rudder on them like they do for the 10’s. Unfortunately, there’s a carrying handle in the way.

For flat water…

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... the V10 Sport will probably be easy enough to master by the average enthusiastic sea kayaker. The V8 will require no effort at all, pretty much, to stay upright. The V10 Sport will likely challenge you initially, but very soon will feel rock solid on flat water (e.g., you can take videos facing off to the side while it with your legs in).

One other thing - the V8 that I paddled (performance layup) felt notably heavier than my V10 Sport (same performance layup). My Sport is rated at 32lb but is definitely under 30lb. The V8 is rated at 35 and I think the one I paddled was right on the mark.

There are also less expensive options on the used market. The thing with skis is that they come in one or at best 2 sizes of cockpits. You should go for a brand and model that fits you best. You'll get used to the stability on flat water soon enough no matter what you get. Even the "elite" skis are paddlable on the first try (though not at 100%) by most of my kayaking buddies on flat water. Yeah, they will dump you now and them in the beginning, but if you intend on doing it for a couple of months regularly, they'll become quite solid on flat water.

Epic V8
Thanks. Looks like I’ll have a V8!