Surf Ski In Flat Water

What are your thoughts of surf skis in flat water? I know there are some claims that they can be as fast as the Olympic style K1s but I wanted to see if there are any skilled surf ski paddlers out there who can confirm?

I am thinking about getting this Huki and so that is why I am interested in the speed…

It’s a nice boat
Have you ever paddled a ski before? If not, make sure you have someone take a video of you the first time.

As far as paddling them on flat water, sure, why not!

not as fast as a k1
Still plenty fast though. Cruising speed for most people is about 7 mph. Sprint speed about 10mph. Much more forgiving and stable than a K1 though.

Hukis come with a narrow or wide seat bucket and some have a fixed foot rest length. Check it fits

Assuming you are NOT a K1 paddler. Even a 17" boat won’t be as tippy as a K1 but if you haven’t paddled one before you will be swimming A LOT. If you can’t commit several days a week to paddling it you will be much better off in a 19" boat.

Probably depends

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I cant comment on the Huki specifically, but there is some good general comparison here with the new v10 and v14

It looks like he was able to get the v10 up to 8mph at a fast cruising pace. It has a similar waterline width, so its somewhat comparable.

Also, with the added stability of a ski, you're always faster than the guy who's swimming

I Do Hope You’re Not Confusing
The S1-X with the more narrower and shorter S1-Z? They are two entirely different skis. The S1-Z was designed for flat water and is compared to K-1s. While the S1-X was designed for what surfskis do best: milk the bumps. Two years ago, I bought a used S1-X for my 13 year old daughter, which is her preferred ski for doing an Alan Davis run on Oahu. For flat water, she prefers her low volume Fenn Spark, which she raced at the US Surfski Champs this summer.

The S1X is an older design, but still a fast hull with good stability. Biggest complaint with the S1X is the high hump, and the uphill feeling, but still a good boat and a great first race boat. Very very few paddlers will be faster in a K1, as they take a long time to master. Only the full comp K1s can be faster, and only with a fully stable paddler. I paddle a V14, and a Vajda Infusion, and I am consistently faster in the 14 because I am more stable and can pull harder. Also, heavier paddlers will benefit more from the ski due to it’s longer length. The S1X will only be a bit slower than the 14, or any of the other rocket skis, but will be a world more stable. Cliff Roach