Surf Ski in Southern California?

I would very much like to try surf skiing, but do not know where to start. Is there any store or club in Southern California where I could rent or borrow a surf ski? Or take a lesson? I am located in Manhattan Beach. Any information would be much appreciated!



Dana Point / San Diego
There are several clubs or meet up groups located in Dana Point area, google to see what interests you. Also California Kayak Friends have several surf ski paddlers.

The san diego kayak club also has several surf ski paddlers.

race series
There is also a race series in SoCal you could check out. Many vendors go to these, so you can meet them there. And even if not, the racers generally love to talk boats and stuff, so you could get a lot of info there (if you are willing to walk up and say hi to folks).

ocean paddle sports

in costa mesa.

they are the fenn dealer/importer

Thanks for the info…
All very helpful.