Surf ski

Does anyone know where i can buy a new Rudder for a surf ski?

what kind of ski
brand, model etc. Understern or overstern- it all matters. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually interchangeable, even within a brand.

Hope this helps!


Fenn Mako XT

Epix V10L soon to own

The manufacturer
Futura was good to me. Last month I bought a used ski, and one of the foot pedals was cracked. I emailed them to enquire about getting a new part, and they replied that day, so I was able to send them the check for the part. I haven’t seen the part yet, but I just paid for ground shipping and it isn’t overdue yet.

I’m a senior in highschool heading to college and there for hyper tight on money So I just build my own rudders for my S1-X

whats wrong with the old one? It may be easyer and CHEAPER to just fix it.

where to get a rudder?

The Huki site ( has several rudders

listed. Also, have a couple.

What to get mostly depends on what kind of surfski you have, and what kind of conditions prevail for you.

Surf Ski
Its a Spectrum surf ski. Understern

Lost the rudder when was paddling it, it fell out?!!

If anyone has any sites please post the links!

Need it shipped to the UK!


Patrick at Onnopaddles, who makes rudders for Huki.

contact Spectrum
Rudders for skis tend to be very manufacturer specific.


Surf Ski
I looked at the following links and they seemed to be in dollars, so i don’t know if they would post to the UK or accept British Sterling?

Does anyone have any ideas??


spectrum ski?
is it a spectrum made by futura? or another kind of spec ski? if so contact futura, i think, either that or without the s at the end

Surfski yahoogroup

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Hey Alex, are you on the surfski yahoogroup? It's a good group, someone there might be able to help.


check your rudder often
I noticed my Fenn rudder wobbling while I was on the interstate but didn’t stop, figuring it was just the high winds. The next day I unscrewed the rudder cover and saw the rudder nut was holding on to the last thread of the shaft… I’ll start checking more often now.

Why aren’t they removable?
I thought you’d pull a pin and then pull the rudder off, but no, they are bolted on. Why aren’t these rudders designed to be removable?

they are
you unscrew it to take it off. The rudders on hukis can be switched in about 10 seconds

some are a pain
my old findeisen was a royal PITA to change out rudders on. This weird attachment system. The Fenn and Huki skis are easy- don’t know about Stealth.