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I don’t get the impression that there are many surf ski paddlers here, but i’ll ask anyway.

I’ve been paddling an old Valhalla Victory for about 12 years. Its a fast and tippy boat, and i’ve had enough hours in it that stability doesn’t seem to be an issue. I do some racing, and would like to do more. The foot-wells are narrow, and can’t fit much more than a stocking foot or a small water shoe. The length is not adjustable, so i’m the only one in my family who can paddle it (i’m 6’3, 180). Its time for an upgrade.

So for paddling mostly on flat water (non-ocean surf), i’d be interested in recommendations for good skis that are fast and comfortable.

Lately i’ve been searching for a used Evo, Legend, V10, or Synergy. But i’m not clear on whether these boats are primarily for surf.


Hi Pineclone
Some good info here:

You will see that there has been a revolution of sorts in ski design.

Keith of Valhalla has since designed and built his Victory Special and has a newer model ( this year ) as well which is real nice. Just checked and his website is expired but I know hes busy building and coaching as always. is his email.

There are a few of us…
The links that Pat gave are a good start. The boats you mentioned are surf ski’s. Not for surfing into a beach.

No beach for me
No…definitely not for surfing onto a beach if i can help it.

I have a V10 sport and a V12 now. If you can paddle your boat confinenly I’d skip the sport or evo and go right for the V12. It’s got a bailer so for most “flat” water it’s closed and you get no back flush of water. The 12 is suppose to be faster flat water then the ICF boat for guys over 180lbs, so it’s fast. I think the feel of the boat is really nice and the cut outs make your catch very tight. Plus I feel it’s one of the nicest looking too as an added bonus. By the way I’m 6’3" and 190lbs and theh boat fits me great. Just tight enough to make me feel locked in. Good luck with your choice. Chaz

V10S in flat water
I paddle the V10S in flat water and the ocean. I have a few years of ski paddling experiience; the V10S fits my fitness level / ability. I love to paddle the ski in flat water. I paddle about 75% in flat water. I do enjoy paddling the ski in the ocean more, but the boat is great in flat water too. is a great resource for choosing a ski.

Damn Chaz I’m envious…

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We're all envious of Chaz's V12 ;) Good advice here. If you're confident in your Victory, then 'pass GO' and go directly to the HPS (high performance skis). Anything out there is head and shoulders in stability above the older school Milleniums, etc. I do think there's a place for boats like V10 Sports, S1-Rs, etc. I have a Synergy Lite and a Huki S1-R and I'll never part with the Huki. It's a known quantity and has saved my tail on more than one occasion-many actually. Plus it's just flat out fun. Big water-cold water-you may find in these conditions, you're faster on the more stable skis. stability before speed. Of course, when you gain the stability on the HPS, you're GONE.

That said, you've a wealth of selections to choose from. Thanks all for the kudos on the site.