surf touring kayak

Are there some, say 16’ touring kayaks that are better in the surf than others? I think I have one more kayak in my buying future. By the way, 200 lbs and 65. Am I being foolish? I would like to ride a few waves going back in from a paddle.

I don’t know how far into the “touring” category these go but the plastic P&H Delphin and its glass twin Ares are unbelievably maneuverable and surf really well.

I’m Foolish, Too
I’d like to demo that Delphin but I understand another boat in that category is the Alchemy. I think Dagger makes it. I’m concerned that the knee pod hatch thingy on the Delphin would get in my way.

You’re not foolish at all. It does depend a bit what type of waves… open water waves, or steep breaking waves coming in to shore.

The Romany is designed to surf well, but is probably small for you.

I paddle a Q700 - it picks up waves better than any kayak I’ve paddled, but it’s 18’ long.

There are so many models that are good for picking up waves… Delta 17, North Shore Atlantic, Point 65 Whisky 16, Boreal Designs Ellesmere…

What else are you looking for in a kayak? that might narrow it down. Are you looking at plastic of fiberglass?

Not a touring kayak but
definitely a cool boat to cruise up / down the coast hitting various breaks.

Cobra Re-Vision

Romany Surf
would work for you.

Take a peek at…
…Sterling Reflection

Take a peek at…
…Sterling Reflection

as light as possible,
remember that I am 65.

P&H Aries
You’ve precisely defined the Delphin - a touring boat that surfs great. Packing for a weekend is no problem in this boat, and 3-4 kt cruising pace is fine. But it surfs breaking waves like no other sea kayak i’ve paddled. Since weight is a concern, look at the Delphin’s composite twin, the Aries.

Delta 17
The flat bottom of the Delta 17 makes it surf like a dream. It is 17’, but surfs better than any sea boat that I have paddled.

I’ve never paddled one, but if weight is an issue check them out. Some of the lightest fiberglass boats made.

Ditto the Alchemy… Nm

Light boat
Cape Falcon F-1, skin on frame boat, around 30 pounds. Surfs great, also good for touring. Take the class and the boat you make is tuned to your size: