surface repair to Kevlar canoe

I have a 25 year old kevlar canoe (Sawyer DY Special). It has been stored mostly under cover but the gel coat appears to have “broken down” somewhat. The surface is not smooth is many places. It is as if the fabric is wearing thru.

Is there a way to fix the surface? Make it smooth? Re-apply an exterior coat?

Any experience or insite regaurding restoring the surface of Kevlar boats?


I have rolled epoxy onto the fuzzy
surfaces of composite boats. It is a big job with a somewhat uncertain outcome.

What to you mean that the Kevlar seems to be coming through the gelcoat?

Sawyer Gel repair
Sawyer used a polyester gel.

While epoxy will sick to it, the repair will never meld and, due to differential flex.

Poly gel can easily be repaired.

Please send me an email and I’ll send your our tech sheet on gel repair by return email.