Surfers Wax for YakGrips?

I have YakGrips and yes they do slip when wet, but I like the YakGrips better than gloves. Ok, the YakGrips could be a little thinner but there is no slipping of the hand on the paddle like I get with my gloves.

So, I’m trying to figure out a way to prevent the YakGrips from slipping on my Epic carbon paddle. I’m thinking surfers wax, preferably Sex Wax, might work.

I know nothing about the wax that surfers use other than it’s supposed to give them some skin to board grip. So, I have no idea if neoprene would benefit.

Anyone have any experience with using wax with neoprene?

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Surfer Wax Works On Bare…
shaft. Probably works on the Yakgrips (whatever that is) if it’s neoprene. I find wax helps me get a better grip in winter with my neoprene mitts on.

There are different wax for different temps. Check with your surf shop.


Yep, feel weird w/o it anymore

I use the yakgrips and what I did
was get some Scotch #33 electrical tape and use a couple of wraps at each end of the yak grips.

I don’t have any experience with YakGrips, but I do know a little about surf wax.

I’ve used it on paddle shafts, but it tends to be too soft. I’m not sure how it will perform under the PakGrips… might be just fine.

Paddle wax is quite a bit harder, you might try that if the surf wax proves to be too soft.

Worth a shot…
I know that surfing in a wetsuit there is pretty strong traction between board and me when laying down to paddle, so I would think it would work!

Once again surf wax comes in a variety of temperature types - if its in constant contact between you and the shaft I might recommend a warm water wax - harder compound.

Good luck - trial and error the greatest educator!