Surfing big waves on an Ocean Kayak Malibu 2

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On one hand these guys seem to know what the were doing (they got out, and surfed back). But on the other hand, they had their paddles upside down…

There’s another video showing a guy about to launch his SOT in surf, also with paddle upside down. I thought he might switch it to the proper orientation after getting going, but he kept paddling that way. I didn’t feel like watching the rest of the video.

The guy in back on that Malibu is so “under the influence” it makes me want to drawl, “Dyooooooood…” I hope it wasn’t someone else’s kayak they trashed.

Yeah, No. I don’t think that’s the biggest wave surfed on a tandem SOT.
There was some video from a joke contest from the Central Coast crew several years ago - I think they called it the Big Ugly or something like that, and they did it with style. My oldest son and his friend used to surf big waves in a Malibu II in Encinitas, but they did it standing up.