Surfing During Storm in the Great Lakes

If I heard right, the folks I just saw on surfing were somewhere on the Great Lakes. Surfing during this snowstorm. Anyone here? The weather reporter was very impressed.

No surprise - it’s not unusual out here - not for me though. I haven’t checked on anything this year but I know that surf’s been up on Superior & Michigan at times lately. Google for ice beard surf.

Here’s one from 2018:

Useful/fun waves are a rare thing indeed. They’re usually too close together and dumping.

Snowstorm? It’s been a beautiful sunny day up here in northern Michigan. partly cloudy in the UP. But oh so cold. -10F right now and will get to -20F tonight. Wind chills of -30F.

Not optimal surfing weather.

The report was part of coverage of the current large storm, so at some point there was snow. Plenty here if you want some.

No thanks, @Celia. We’ve got plenty on the ground and a snowstorm is forecast for midweek.

Fifty-eight days until Spring - hoping there will be no April surprises as happened last year.

I surf Lake Erie and Ontario but NOT in the winter. To darn cold for me. Snow, yea last night dumped about 1.5 feet of it.

Here is today’s - Northwest Indiana near the steel mills:

reminds me of this article of a couple weeks ago (‘Surfer Dan’)