Surfing W/Seda Impulse??

I am looking at purchasing my first Kayak. I found a good deal on a Seda Impulse and have tried it out and love the fit. I got to experience a little of surfing on Lake Michigan last summer and was wondering if this boat would be OK to surf or will the Beam Seas problems that I read about not allow this Kayak to surf? I am 6’2" and 210 and was told that the extra size would help with tracking in Beam?? Please help out a novice :wink:



Seda Impulse is very long narrow seakayak, would be fun to run with big ocean swells like a surfski, but on Great Lake waves it would be a dog in the surf for riding breaking waves. You want a short boat with a planning bottom for real surfing. The good news is you could pick up a used boat that would surf well for about 1/12 the purchase price of the Seda new.

You might want to define what you mean by surfing, my definition is catching and riding breaking waves, riding in the curling power pocket and green face of the wave.

Thanks Seadart…I took a Prijon Kodiak out last summer and we rode some smaller 2-3’ers with the occasional 4 in. Nothing wild but I would like to get to that point. That’s the answer I was looking for…and what I expected…Just wanted to hear it from an experienced Kayaker.