Surfing Waves

Ok I'll start another thread.

Any tips on surfing a lake in a MR Outrage??

Started practicing on the lake during the weekdays, as there is no real whitewater close to Chicago. A typical average 'wavy' day would have waves 2'-4'. My friends all bought small kayaks and we went pretty often to play in the waves.

When 'surfing', it was harder in my canoe, then in a kayak, to get speed at the right time to try and catch the waves. I tried to lead a set, and build some speed to catch the waves where they changed from rollers and built a 'face'. Many times the bow would become deeply buried, and the stern would start to come around, making steering a chore.

Also, leaning back and steering, but once the bow was low in the water, things became tougher and I did swim a few times a day...

Seems like the boat ended up side surfing a couple times also, which is something I don't really know how to do. Most of the time was able to stick paddle into the wave, turn into the wave near the beach, and paddle back out.

Anyone have any good tips that can help?

Use the Force Luke !

I never tried ocean surfing my Outrage. Usualy the wind around here would make it pretty tough.

One thing I’ve found surfing my C1 is that I end up way down the beach towards my on side.

That’s Hot!!
Your crazy! hehe

A buddy of mine
took his Phantom open canoe out to the West Coast of Vancovuer Island to surf a few years ago while we kayaked. He must have rolled two dozen times and i am not sure if he got any decent rides. I did see him getting a few side surfs in which i don’t think was his plan.

Me, i have c1’d it a few times in the ocean and found it to be a real hassle. Too slow and too hard to get out past the break. If i want to get beaten up I can do it in a kayak. In that respect it is hard enough trying to catch a wave in a plastic yak with two paddles instead of one. There are some excellent closed canoeists ocean surfing out there, but it has got to work. Good luck.