Surfing with V7 and kick up rudder

I did some downwind on Saturday and though it was huge fun I found my V7 surfski broaching on the bigger waves. It seemed the kick up rudder just didn’t respond sometimes. Do you think the regular surfski underboat rudder would keep the boat from broaching? Don’t ever remember this happening with my v10.

I don’t know about broaching, but I found that the standard understern in a V7 does not work when you are on a 2-3 ft wave. You would probably need a larger surf rudder (I was told though they create quite a bit of drag, so your flatwater speed will decrease)

Ahhh makes sense. Thanks. But Also increases your chances of raming it into a rock. Lol

Could it be that the rudder is not engaged when on the wave making it nonresponsive? That is my guess.

I had the same problem, with my sea kayak, what I did, was change the blade, and put a tandem blade on it, its longer and will solve the problem. And I think, the blade was about $20.00, well worth the difference in performance.

If it feels like the rudder is doing nothing, it may be off the back of the wave in the air (in fact doing nothing!). This is more likely on short interval wind waves as they are much steeper than long period ocean swell.

Many standard under-hull rudders are not great either. The one on my Stellar SR is atrocious. I keep meaning to get a DK 7 or 9" elliptical rudder, but im trying to find a new boat so I’m just dealing with it for now. Im not sure how the V7 stock rudder is regarded, but if its like most others it may not be up to par to prevent broaching in aggressive waves. That said, if you’re going sideways on a steep face, almost no rudder will save you from a broach.

So I second the idea of a longer kickup if you want to keep that setup, or go with the under hull and see. If it improves but doesnt solve your problem, look at DK rudder if you arent satisfied with the stock epic one.

I suspect it was coming out of the water.

I’ll have to try a longer under stern rudder. Thanks!