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Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of a location that I can pick up an instructional dvd on surfski use for the beginner. When I try to purchase them on, the link to the purchase site fails due to server error. Any information is greatly appreciated.



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Has some videos listed plus samples, but I'm not sure how to buy...

There was also a DVD available at some point from

Surfski Basics DVD
Here you go:

here are 3 tips
Hauling your boat is tough, you need lots of span. I drilled up thru doorframe for yakima clips to get 4ft of clearance. if you pull down hard on the nose, you can snap offff the nose. careful how you back up with boat hanging out. I have yellow caution tape around the tail of the boat so I do not smack my head on boat at gas station or parking lot. I love my mohican ski. Enjoy

Surfski Starting Resources
Thanks for the two shout outs on the dvd, friends. :slight_smile: This is a good one if you’re in the market for a new ski, as it’s more geared toward the buying end rather than the technique end. (‘Stability before speed.’)

Two other decent resources are Dawid Mocke’s ‘The Ocean ABC of Surfski’ dvd (Very basic, but some gems here…), and the new book by Rob Mouseley of Both are carried at Ocean Paddlesports (

Good luck!


check youtube
There are tons of youtube vids showing everything from remounting to downwind technique. For forward stroke technique, check Greg Barton’s DVD or Brent Reitz’s.

both listed here for sale.

Just watched this today …

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Anders Gustafsson

He is a sprint kayaker, so everything you see in that video is a bit exagerated compared to what you would do on a longer paddle on a ski or a kayak, but shows the basic motion pretty good.

And another similar one of multiple paddlers:

And of course … - the “video thread” with all sorts of small clips (not necessarily instructional, but some are fun to watch). My own little contribution currently at the bottom of that thread…

or see it directly here (more to see my errors than anything else -;)… flat water is boring, he-he …