Surfski owners

I recently purchased a Think Evo surfski and had it outfitted with an over stern rudder so I could also use it on a few river races near the Chesapeake Bay. My current setup has the rudder lines running from the under stern rudder compartment access hole (located on the rear deck) directly to the Smarttrack over stern rudder housing. This setup seems to work ok but it is not every elegant. Has anyone done something similar with their surfski and perhaps used a more elegant design that allowed a quick swap between an over stern and under stern setup? Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

I’m assuming…

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That the cables for the over stern rudder are running along the back deck of the Think Evo. If that's the case, What I would do is install clips that hold the cables down on both sides of the boat, and cover the cables with plastic tubing. Just disconnect the cables for the under stern rudder, leave in place but secured somehow.

Nice ski by the way!


I was actually…
…thinking about doing that but I was wondering if there were any good online stores where I could source those “clips” you mentioned.

Thanks for the reponse.:slight_smile:

Sure thing…

I used clips on my Fenn when I added bungie cord, but they have lot’s of different clips.


Another option
Radio shack has these plastic clips for cable TV and smaller ones as well. They have plastic tubing as well. Hold them in place with well nuts…

You want stainless steel hardware, the screws for the well nuts are SS.