Surfski vs Outrigger Canoe

I paddle both kayaks and canoes for fitness, but prefer the canoe’s elevated seat and knee position particularly for extended periods (over a couple of hours).

I’m looking for a boat that I can paddle fast in open water which would give me the position most like my canoe the surfski or OC1?

Seating position in outrigger
is slightly higher than in a surf ski.

I don’t have either, but have tried both
If it was me, I would get the OC-1

I think it would be more fun and also more stable, and for someone who paddles a canoe, it is a natural.

jack L

OC1 for the stroke.
Since you already have a canoe stroke.

Surfski if you actually want to go fast;) (and don’t mind getting wet)

Both are similar position with knees close together but your butt is pretty much at water level in a ski.

Thanks for the replies, now all I have to do is find an OC1 on the east coast that fits someone my size.

Skin on frame
I bet you could make a skin on frame outrigger easily.

check out
The rivermiles forum. There are a lot of folks who use outrigger boats. Of course you might be limited if you are trying to get one on the east coast.

Ryan L.

Shoot of an e-mail to John Edwards
from the Florida competition paddlers association.

He races OC’s and they have a series there in Florida.

Jack L

You Made the Right Choice
For most paddlers, the OC1s are the fastest boat, for they have improved considerably in the last few years, especially in the Molokai race where their best times are pretty close to the surfski record. Good luck in finding an OC1 and until you do, enjoy this most recent video and dream:

If you find one let me know, and
I’ll come down there and take turns paddling it with you.

Then we can both go look for a nice rowing shell.

jack L

It’s a deal…
you can come down and show me how to make it go fast once I find one.


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Dave, per our other discussion, if you are interested in Huki, the redesigned V1R may be the best model for you. It's less than 20', which may be better for inland waters.

Back in January there was a group of us
going over the 13 mile Bogey course down in Key Largo, and I was paddling (trying to keep up with) an OC-1 and an OC-2 who left the others behind. I was in my QCC-700, and thankfully every couple of miles just as I was being dropped they would stop for a water break. I think it took more out of me than the actual race when my wife and I paddled our big tandem.

Jack L

Glenn, that may be the route I eventually may have to go, but a new boat price isn’t going to work right now.