Surfski vs. Seakayak

I’m trying to compare fast racing kayaks such as the Thunderbolt vs. a slick surfski such as the Epic V10:

I understand both boats have been built to handle some waves and they might have particular advantages over each other in those conditions. However, first I wonder how their crusing speed compares on a flatwater lake with very little boat traffic if paddled in the range of 10 to 20 miles. Second, how would you judge their tippyness?

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the responses you receive to this question that you have posted. I currently enjoy fitness paddling and hopefully will become more involved in the various races in the area.


A comparison of various craft was carried out in Australia last year. The results are at

Most of the craft are from southern hemisphere manufacturers but it should give you some ideas.


Two different worlds
The T-bolt is a flat water kayak that might handle some waves, but not a rough water boat; with such a large “huge” cockpit, I would not like to be paddling through the surf or big waves.

Surfskis are rough water boats that can be paddled pretty fast on flat waters (without being an ICF K1. On the whole, a surfski is a far superior craft than a T-bolt due to its versatility; it can do both very well.

However, if you are not going to be paddling on the ocean, I would go to a more extreme craft (faster) such as the Mako 6 or Millennium.

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the mako 6 isnt any more "extreme" than the v10, havent paddled it, but that seems to be the word on the street, it was fenn's awnser to the great stability seen in boats like the v10 and s1x and what not. I personally really like the Thunderbolt X, but I do prefer the versatility of my S1-X