surprised Black Bart/ZRE

I have a couple of ZRE paddles. A powersurge and a

rec zre. As designed the rec is almost 9 inches wide

while the power surge is 8 inches wide. I also have BlackBart on loan from Paddler 98(thanks Jim) When I

take out one of buddies he uses the Rec and I use the 9 inch wide Black Bart. I am quite surprised at the smoothness of the black bart It seems to plant and grab the water the same way my powersurge does.

Now I have seveal issues that skew my impressions and then the question.

The Black bart is 1 1/2 inches longer then the rec.

It is several oz. lighter then the rec but much heavier then the powersurge.

The ends are in much better shape then the rec, which poled 15 mmiles of the Clinton once in shallow water.

So you can see it is hard to get a true comparison, but I like the Blackbart. Since they are out of business should I get an outrigger ZRE or just work on my stroke?

Charlie: for what it is worth
this old timer is springing for a ZRE outrigger just as soon as I get a chance.

I won’t use it in long races, because It would kill me, but I’ll use it in ones between 5 and eight miles long.

I tried Red Cross Randy’s and immediately thought it would help me gain speed in a shorter race.

I believe I am maxed out on my cadence and when I try to increase it, my form suffers, so I think the Outrigger is the ticket, (if my “unicep” can take it)

We have a couple of Black Barts, but they are a tad heavier then the ZRE’s, so only use them as spares.



Can you get any useful info from a
47 ish X 8.25 prototype ?

Its over there by you now …

47 is kinda small
for a stock boat or solo, but it might be perfect for

a compcruiser or a pro boat. So where is this proto type? I want to try it!

Power Surge
I purchased a Power Surge Outrigger light about 6 months ago and rate all aspects of it’s performance better than the Black Bart or standard ZRE blade. The entry, exit and stability of the blade are fantastic. And, I don’t just use it for hit and switch. I can accomplish most midwest paddling tasks with the bent. I selected the OR blade in 9.25" because it is my cruising paddle not a high cadence racing paddle. I do paddle my Shockwave with it but kicks my geriatric butt in short order. I will be ordering an 8.25" Power Surge for go-fast duty.