Survey for MBA Students

Hey Everyone,

We are a group of MBA students looking to develop a new product to help save your sunglasses while out on the water! We would love if you would take this super quick 2 question survey!

Thank you!!

I can confirm the poster has an email address from a well-know university.

Thank you Brian. I certainly did not mean to offend or upset anyone. I apologize if my post came off as spam. The survey is for a class called New Product Development. Our professor suggested we try to reach out to communities and forums such as this in order to gain a broader perspective and greater insight.

No worries. Unfortunately, we do get folks posing a students to try to sell their product.

Thanks for verifying that.

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That was a nice little survey.

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Thank you so much for your participation!! We received almost 20 responses! Obtained great insight! We had our update with our professor today and he was very impressed! Will post what we come up with just in case anyone is interested!

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