Survey - Sea Kayak Paddle Length / Style / Body

Paddle length/size is such a personal preference but I’m curious what other sea/touring kayakers prefer for their various needs, and how that matches to their height/body type/boat width. I’m an average-height male (5’11") in a 22" beam kayak. I’ve been using…

-205cm Werner Shuna for pretty much everything; high-angle is my default
-220cm Werner Camano for low-angle, but it doesn’t feel right. Can’t tell if it’s too long or if I just don’t love low-angle paddling.

Curious where other kayakers fall on the spectrum, including you Greenland paddlers.

6’ tall, boats are usually 24-25", but sometimes 22"

My personal paddles are 205cm Shuna and Corryvrecken - both straight shaft. At places I guide for, I often use a 220 or 230 Camano or unknown length (probably 230) Skagit.

My girlfriend is 5’1"and her boat is 22" wide. Her preferred paddle is straight shaft 200cm Shuna.

I am 5’-9" and paddle a 21" wide, 18 foot long kayak.
I use a 213cm wing paddle when I am racing and a 213cm euro when touring.
I always paddle high angle except if I am doing a sweep or brace

With that said, today was canoe race training with a ZRE 52" bent shaft ultralight

6’5". I usually use a 200 cm carbon Aquabond Shred ww paddle for my P & H Hammer (thanks Peter-CA for the tip). For my regular sea kayaks I use a 210 cm Werner Shuna. I can go up to a 220 cm paddle depending. 230 cm now feels so long that I feel like I’m tripping over it.

Height: 5’5"
Kayak: 16’/21"

210 cm Werner Cyprus and 84" (213 cm) GP.

High angle stroke with both paddles except in strong headwinds.

Would like to try a 205 cm Euro to see if I notice any difference.

Height 6’5" , 38" sleeve, paddle a Tarpon 160 with an Onno full tour or a Swift Wind paddle at 225-230 depending on how my left shoulder feels.

6’/185 lbs Depends on which boat I’m using. I use wing paddles exclusively, have 3 and each one is a different length. Shortest one is used for the surf ski, use the same one for the 18’ kayak and use another for my CLC 17’ (which I don’t paddle much anymore) I use the longest for my Sawyer Summersong. Each paddle is 2 piece with 10 cm adjustment. 210 cm, 215, and a 220 with larger blades.

I am 5’10" tall and paddle boats in the 21" - 23" range.
205cm Ikelos bent shaft is the norm.
210cm Cypress bent shaft is my normal deck paddle. I switch to the Cypress when I am on a trip and doing miles or when I am in pain and need to relieve some load. I am probably going to replace it with a 205cm Cypress bent shaft.


230cm gp, 3.5" wide blade in all my kayaks.

205cm Euro for this 5’6” paddler in 21” to 24” wide kayaks.

Greenland user here. Great for rolling and sculling. I carry two; one longer for calm or downwind and one shorter for upwind. The loom is about 19 inches on both of my favorite paddles. (Lumpy)

5’7”, boats are 20 & 21 inches. GP’s are all 218 (Traditional arm span + a cubit length), and also have a 210 Lightning euro, and a 220 Bending Branches euro. GP’s are the primary paddles.

Six foot two–kayaks range from 23" to 28" beam and I mostly use 230 cm paddles–low angle. The Werner Camano and Carlisle Expedition get the most use.

5’5", kayaks are 19.5" & 21.25", 84" GP, have several 220 cm euros (prefer the older single piece Lightning). Would like to get a high angle 205 cm but not in my budget yet

From this bucket of data we can determine : Everyone is different.

5’ 5" here and kayaks 20" to 23" beam (all low profile Greenland style boats). Mostly use a 213 cm (84") laminated cedar shoulderless GP with 19’ loom. Have similar model carbon Gearlab Akiak 220 cm. Occasionally use a vintage fiberglass Euro 225 cm, Voyageur brand with very slender tapered blades.

6’. Kayak widths 21-22". I use a 210 cm Ikelos and a 215 cm Shuna, both bent shaft. Both are slightly too long for me. I once borrowed a 205 cm Ikelos (switching directly from my own 210 cm Ikelos), and it felt perfect.

I have now started paddling with a GP of 224 cm. 57 cm loom. The length feels ok, but I haven’t tried other lengths of GP. I have tried another GP with the same length, but a longer loom length, and that certainly didn’t feel right.

I have 4 GP’s, all around 88 inches in length, and all with 23.5 inch looms. (I did not enjoy GP’s till I switched from 20 inch looms to 23 or 24 inch looms. Makes a tremendous improvement.)

Two 220 bent shaft low angle paddles, Werner Kalliste and AT Xception Tour.

One Onno wing, 208 to 218 cm, but I always set it to 208 for high angle wing stroke. But nowadays I much prefer low angle, and much prefer GP.

My two boats are 21 and 22 inches in beam.