Surveying the fleet, thinking sacrilege.

I have two outstanding canoes , the best SOT IMHO ,a Swamp Girl (very rare boat) and a canoe under constuction.So this morning I was remembering how much fun I had in my REC BOAT and thinking maybe I should get rid of all this excess boatage and return to my paddling roots.

Life was simpler then.No decisions to make; just strap it on and go.

Ever feel like that?

I have the two 9 foot rec kayaks …
on the car roof eagerly awaiting their Class I-II white water trip tomorrow.

The QCCs, high dollar canoes, and the other boats will have to wait for another day.

We even dug out our first spray skirts and our orange juice jug bailers to keep the trip as simple as possible.



Orange Juice Bailer?
Are you sure that is certified gear? I think the rest of us have Chlorox bottles.

The solution would appear to be -
buy the Pungo 120 ! That only leaves the surf ski on the want list.

I don’t know where my orang peels
went, but shame on you for polluting with the dregs of Chlorox!



Whoa! Did someone say ORANGE
PEELS!!! I had an orange turn green on my kitchen counter - 500 miles from the nearest grove. But we digress.

Sell 'em all and use the profits to buy a new Old Town 158.

Then you can slow down, enjoy the roses, and go back to having fun on the water.

As I really don’t understand the cravings most posters on this site have for speed and exotic craft (actually I do, yes, I do) I’d suggest you then use some of your profits to buy a Tilley hat and the other accoutrements of cool paddlers so you can piss them off as they aren’t going to appreciate seeing an ignorant commoner paddling a veritable barge dressing the same way they do!

I have a Tilley hat. It looks
particularly dashing with my Speedos and cowboy boots.

never satisfied

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It's kinda funny how some of us are never satisfied. I just sold a 9.5' rec boat and bought a used 12' OT Pack Canoe to augment our 16' canoe. The mini canoe is a great little solo vehicle that's easy to portage. But, yesterday I was on the river with a couple that had one tandem and one sea kayak. I was admiring at how effortlessly the sea kayak glided through the water. But, the funny thing is, they were admiring how manuverable and light the Pack canoe was, and how it could jus skitter over obstacles. My conclusion was that I need one of each kind of boat. ;-) ;-) ... Maybe I'll wind up with my own navy.

Oh, ... and it's a Tilley hat, sandals and a double bladed paddle in a canoe for me.

That’s where fleets come from.

String you need to get a ski…

I keep eyeballing the Futura 2.
A guy here has one he has never put in the water. If it feels good , the fleet will expand.

I was on a 15 inch wide one
a few months ago.

I made about a hundred yard circle in it, didn’t tip over and felt like I won the lottery.

That was enough for me.

I have a fleet, (one for almost every type of paddling), but I’ll pass on the ski.

–At least for now!



check Sunrift
I was in US a few weeks back and they had a beauty ski hanging from ceiling inside. Very cheap price too.

Too many choices
I have trade, sold or given boats away, because they were not getting used. For me, it is more gratifying to see a new paddler on the water than to see a boat gathering dust. That is the story I tell my wife, anyway. It is really just making storage room so I can upgrade the fleet.

me too, It WILL be my next boat, I just dont know when…

I’ll check Sunrift.Thanks.

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Andy, when are you coming home?