Survival in icy water conditions...

I don’t recall if this has been posted here…saw it on another site. It is an interview of a Canadien scientist specializing in survival in icy water conditions.

Well worth taking a look at:


Thats a great little segment
However, come on over to Newfoundland, we are in mid feb with brutally cold temps lol. Alot of attention inour paddling circles here on this topic…

Some of the discussion from a week ago…

Bob, I think the main thing is what happens when you fall in head first, as most folks are likely to do in a kayak.


although that scientist is Candian.

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he's not from Quebec (Canadien), but Manitoba and not francophone. not slamming, just my Cdn persnickitiness.....

Sailor lost in Baltic Sea?
This was on the news yesterday. A sailor from the ship ‘Montreal’, a canadian naval vessel was lost. The temps they say were 3 degrees celsius (air temp) and one degree celsius water temp. They say, I beleive, it was one hour and forty minutes before the sailor was lost. Also, because it was a ‘smoke break’ for the sailor, he was not dressed for immersion.

This is definetly not the full story. Just some of the factors in the situation. I know a 2 degree water temp in six mm neoprene is brutally hard on the body in less than 20 minutes. Just thought I’d put the post in here…

Serious good
information with scenes that cause a cringe. However, I couldn’t get away from the chuckle caused by the rescuers sounding like the Red Green Show, ehh?